Club Rules

    The Club shall be named “THE SANDERSTEAD LAWN TENNIS AND SOCIAL CLUB” and the Club shall have for its objects the provision of facilities and the promotion of participation in lawn tennis, table tennis, social and other recreational activities for its members (‘Members’).
    The Club is constituted by these Rules as a non-profit-making Members Club.  In no circumstances during the continuance of the Club shall any assets or surplus funds be distributed either to any Member or other person or to any organisation which is not a registered Charity or Community Amateur Sports Club or the Sports Governing Body.
    • There shall be the following Classes of Members:
      Tennis: Senior
      Student: Member still in full-time education
      Midweek: Tennis playing times:
      Monday-Friday 0900-1700 plus Tuesday evening.
      No play allowed at any other Club sessions including Club Tournaments and Surrey Matches
      Junior: Under 18 on 1st May
      Table Tennis  
      Social Member:  

      All subscriptions shall be fixed at the Annual General Meeting.

    • Every Tennis Member must, with the Club subscription, pay the “Player’s Contribution” which the Club passes on to the Lawn Tennis Association.
    • In the event of the Club being liable for Value Added Tax (or any other tax on Member’s subscriptions), the subscriptions shall be inclusive thereof.
    • The subscription year runs from May 1st to April 30th, except that for Table Tennis Members, the subscription year runs from October 1st to September 30th.
    • A Member whose subscription is not paid by the due date will not be entitled to the privileges of membership until he/she has paid and if the subscription is not paid by 15th May (or 15th October in the case of Table Tennis) he/she will cease to be a Member (and any re-admission will then be subject to the normal procedure).
    • The subscription of a new Member shall be due on application for membership.  It will be repaid if application for membership is refused.
    • For a new Member joining after the commencement of the subscription year the management committee may at their discretion accept a proportionately reduced subscription for the part-year.  Likewise the management committee may take into account cases of extreme hardship, or make a refund to a Member who becomes unable to use the Club for a substantial part of the year on account of injury, illness, or departure from the district.
    • Whist Members shall only be entitled to use the clubhouse and facilities when the Whist Section is in session.
    • Honorary Membership shall be strictly limited and at the discretion of the Management Committee and normally by way of reward for special services to the Club.
    Except for the purpose of subscriptions (Rule 3 (d) ), the club’s financial year shall run from 1st October to 30th September and the accounts submitted to the Annual General Meeting shall be prepared accordingly.
    For all classes of Membership provided in Rule 3, a candidate shall be sponsored by a Member aged 18 years or over on a form to be provided for the purpose. Every application shall be posted on the club notice board for at least seven days.  Members shall not be entitled to the privilege of Membership for at least two days after their application for membership. 

    The management committee’s decision shall be by a simple majority and shall be final.  The management committee shall have power to limit the number of Members in the respective classes if it considers this necessary.

    No person shall be admitted as a guest of playing Members or Social Members on more than four occasions in one subscription year.  The names of such visitors shall be entered in the appropriate Visitor’s Book and a visitor’s fee paid.  The Visitor’s fees shall be fixed by the management committee and shall include all the privileges of the Club except for voting. 

    Members must accompany visitors introduced by them during the period of their stay in the Club and shall be liable for their conduct. Members of visiting teams from recognised clubs will be deemed to be associate Members during their stay in the Club and shall be entitled to all the privileges of the Club except for voting.

    The management committee shall have the power to terminate or suspend the membership of any Member or to exclude any Member or visitor whom it considers guilty of a breach of these Rules or of misconduct or offensive behaviour to any other Member, visitor, or employee whether on the Club’s premises or elsewhere.  The Member however shall have the right to present his/her case before the management committee.
    The Club does not accept any responsibility for the loss or damage to Members’ or visitors’ property or any injury to Members or visitors, arising in any way whatsoever.
    The Officers of the Club shall be the Chairman, the Honorary Secretary and the Honorary Treasurer. The Management of the Club shall be within the entire control of a Management Committee with Sub-Committees for Tennis and Social activities. The Management Committee shall comprise the above Officers and two other members who shall be a Tennis Captain and a representative of Penwortham Road (Sanderstead) LTC Limited who is also a Club member. 

    The Tennis Sub-Committee shall comprise the following:- the three Officers of the Club (ex-officio), the Men’s Captain, the Ladies Captain, a representative for Ground, four or five other Senior members and a Junior member. The Social Sub-Committee shall comprise the following:- the three Officers of the Club (ex-officio), a representative of the Bar and seven members of the Club.

    All Committee members shall be elected for the year at the Annual General Meeting. Any casual vacancy shall be filled by the respective Committees.

    The Management Committee shall elect members in accordance with Rule 5 and shall make and revise from time to time the Club’s Bye-Laws and have power to decide any matter for which provision has not been made in these Rules or the current Bye-Laws.

    The Management Committee shall meet at least four times in every year. The Chairman of the Club shall be the Chairman of the Management Committee and in his absence one of the other two Officers shall take the chair. Two Officers of the Club plus the two elected Members shall constitute a quorum. A decision to spend, or award a contract for, a sum exceeding two thousand pounds (£2,000) shall be made at a meeting of the full Management Committee.

    For Sub-Committees, four members of a Committee shall constitute a quorum. Sub-Committees shall elect their own Chairman. All members of any Committee or Sub-Committee shall have equal voting rights. In the event one should be required, the Chairman shall have a casting vote. A representative of the Social Sub-Committee and representatives for Table Tennis, for Ground, for Whist, for Bar, for Maintenance and for Fund-raising will report to the Honorary Secretary as necessary.

    The Management Committee may delegate any part of its duties (except the election of members) to a Member or to one or more Sub-Committees which may be composed of any Members of the Club, but control of a Bar supplying intoxicating liquor shall be in accordance with current licensing requirements.

    The Management Committee has an express power to borrow money and to enter into a legally binding agreement on behalf of the Club.

    An Annual General Meeting shall be held each year not later than 30th November. 

    Nominations for the Officers and Committee Members duly proposed and seconded must be lodged with the secretary before 1st October.  Any Member wishing to propose a resolution at the Annual General Meeting must send a copy thereof to the Honorary Secretary before 1st October so that inclusion may be made on the Agenda.

    The Management Committee may call an Extraordinary General Meeting at its discretion and shall call such a meeting within one month of receipt by the Honorary Secretary of a requisition signed by at least 20 adult Members or one fifth of the total number of all adult Members, whichever is the lesser, stating the nature of the business proposed to be transacted.

  11. VOTING
    General Matters
    Each paid up adult Member shall be entitled to vote at a General Meeting. 

    Election of Officers and Committees
    Each paid up Member shall be entitled to vote for the appointment of the Officers of the Club and Committee members, but only paid up adult members of the Tennis section shall be entitled to nominate or vote for Members of their Committee.

    All paid up Junior Members shall be entitled to nominate and vote for the junior representative.

    The Club shall actively promote equality of opportunity and it is the responsibility of all Members to ensure that Members using the Club’s facilities shall not receive less favourable treatment than any others on the grounds of age, disability, ethnicity, medical status, race, religion, sex, or social background.
  13. RULES
    A copy of these Rules and of the Bye-laws made by the management committee under Rule 9 shall be prominently displayed at all times in the Clubhouse and all Members shall be deemed conversant therewith. 

    No alteration of the Rules of the Club shall be made except at a General Meeting by a resolution carried by a simple majority of the votes properly recorded at the meeting.

    The Clubhouse shall be open from 09.00 until one hour after bar closing time or midnight when the bar is not open. 

    The bar may be open during the hours permitted by the Club Premises Certificate issued under the Licensing Act 2003, a copy of which is displayed in the bar, or a Temporary Events Notice granted under the same act. The Garden must not be used after 23.00.

    Children must be accompanied by an adult when the bar is open.

    Dogs, except guide dogs, are not permitted in the Clubhouse.

    The Club shall be dissolved on the passing of a resolution to that effect at a General Meeting after 21 days notice, by at least two-thirds of the paid up members of the Club present or voting by proxy.  Such a meeting shall appoint a committee to wind up the affairs of the Club. 

    If the Club is dissolved, any assets will be applied for approved sporting or charitable purposes, to comply with the legislation.  The assets must be given or transferred to another Community Amateur Sports Club; a registered Charity or the sport’s governing body.



  1. The laws of the game shall be those adopted by the Lawn Tennis Association.
  2. The courts shall be open for play from 09.00 until dusk [21 00 in the case of Courts 1 and 2], except when deemed unfit by a member of the Tennis Sub-Committee, or otherwise at the discretion of the Management Committee.
  3. All players must wear recognised tennis brand clothing and not leisure wear. The following clothing is not permitted – marking trainers, football shirts, jeans, non-tennis sports wear, coloured socks (white only).Coloured sweaters may be worn and, in inclement weather conditions, coloured tracksuits.  Footwear must be suitable for the court surface.

    Shirts must be worn at all times both on and off the courts.

    Members should wear or carry their shoe tags.

  4. Team players representing the Club at matches should remain in all white as required by the Surrey LTA.
  5. Members shall finish their game on completion of one short set when other members are waiting to play.
  6. Courts may only be reserved for a senior Club tournament/Friendly, Surrey League/Knockout, junior tournament/match, or other official match on application in advance to a member of the Tennis Sub Committee.
  7. Smoking on the courts is not permitted.
  8. The floodlights on Courts 1 and 2 are available between 15.00 and 21.00 daily and may be booked in accordance with the procedures in force at the time.
  9. For safety reasons, ball games are not permitted on the grass/spectator areas outside the Clubhouse.
  10. The Clubhouse shall be out of bounds to Junior Members under 14 years of age unless accompanied by an over 14 Junior or Senior Member.