Membership Classes and Subscription Rates 2021-22

** Amended due to Covid-19 **

Note different rates this year for existing and new members. The reduced rate only applies to existing members as at 30th April 2021.
Membership Class Limitations Rate
Senior SEN No limitations £165
Midweek MID Play only allowed Monday-Friday between 9am-5pm. Not eligible for Club session, tournaments or matches. £95
Youth YTH Must be aged between 18-25 on May 1st or in full time education. £83
Away from Home AFH As for YTH - must be living out of the area during term time and in full time education. £60
Adult with Child/Coach AWC Either a parent with at least one Junior member - only eligible to play with their child(ren). Or play at coaching sessions only. £31
18 and Under on May 1st
U18 Play at any time but must give way to Seniors. £60
12 and Under on May 1st
U12 Play at any time but must give way to Seniors. £40
8 and Under on May 1st
U8 Play at any time but must give way to Seniors. £20
Social SOC Tennis play not permitted. * Rate reduced from £28 - effective from 19/7/21 £20
Table Tennis T-T Table Tennis and Social only. Season runs from October 1st to September 30th.
(£9 payable on May 1st).
Family Membership: Where at least one parent is applying for Senior membership (NOT Midweek membership), the subscription of the junior members of the family will be reduced by half.

Note: A sliding scale of subscription rates is applied when joining at different times of the year, with reductions starting from August. Please Click here for more details about reduced tennis subscriptions.